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Embedded Boards
Power Solutions
Enclosures Component
Rotary Switches


        * OpenVPX Backplanes

            - 3U Backplanes
            - 6U Backplanes
            - CMOSS RF and Optical Backplanes
            - Storage Backplanes
            - Backplane Accessories
        * VME64x Backplanes

                VME64x 9U

                3U VME64x

                VME64x - 6U

                VME64x - 7U
        * VME Backplanes

                VME J2 Rows A+C Overlays

                VME J3 Row B Overlays

                VME J3 Backplane
                VME J2 VSB Overlays

                VME J2 A+C Bussed Backplane

                VME J1 Backplane

                VME J1+J2 Monolithic

                VME J2 Backplane

                VME J2, J3 Development

        * AdvancedTCA Backplanes

                5U, 6-slot AdvancedTCA Mesh Backplane

                5U, 5-slot AdvancedTCA Mesh Backplane

                5U, 2-slot AdvancedTCA Mesh Backplane

                14-Slot Dual Star 40G AdvancedTCA Backplane

                6-Slot Dual Star 40G AdvancedTCA Backplane

                5U, 14-slot AdvancedTCA Mesh Backplane

                AdvanctedTCA Dual Star - Pluggable Backplane
        * CompactPCI Backplanes

                EasyCable Backplanes

                32-Bit cPCI Backplanes

                CompactPCI 9U

                CompactPCI 3U

                CompactPCI 6U

                EasyPlug Backplanes

                Low Profile Backplanes
        * CompactPCI Serial and Plus IO Backplanes

                3U, 9-slot CompactPCI Serial Backplane

                3U, 8-slot CompactPCI PlusIO Backplane
                3U, 5-slot CompactPCI Serial, System Slot Right

                3U, 6-slot CompactPCI Serial, System Slot Left

                3U, 3-slot CompactPCI Serial Backplane

                3U, 5-slot CompactPCI Serial Backplane
        * MicroTCA Backplanes
        * PICMG 2.16 (cPSB) Backplanes

                CompactPCI Packet Switching (PICMG 2.16)

        * AXI-e
        * PXI and PXIe Backplanes
        * Dual star topology
        * VME320
        * Starfabric 2.17

        * Custom Carrier Cards
        * Contract Assembly
        * Custom Backplanes
        * Rear Transition I/O Modules
        * Rigid/Flex Backplanes

        * Test Extender Boards
        * Form Factors
        * Load Boards
        * Power Interface Boards
        * Cabling Systems



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